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but also Technique
Gas Pump and Line
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The anvil is the sy/mbol of the blacksmith, as it is the essential centerpiece of the blacksmith shop. Whether a piece of scrap metal, a flat stone or a conventional English pattern - without an anvil, the blacksmith can create no product.
Black Smith with anvil
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Today, information is the raw material of our business, just as steel serves the purpose for that blacksmith. In order to be successful, we must forge information into knowledge appropriate for the application. In the relatively new & quickly evolving realm of unconventional gas exploration, this often means the application of the appropriate techniques & technologies.

For example, there is still great disagreement regarding the role of natural fractures versus stimulation in the successful production of unconventional gas. In the end, it will likely be realized that a "yes or no" answer is not applicable. Namely, a continuum of parameters dictates localized study in order to determine the proper techniques & technologies. In other words, the answer as whether to:

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• drill horizontally (and at what azimuth & lateral length), or drill vertically

• stimulate using a gas or water or gel frac

• employ sand, a low specific gravity proppant or no proppant

• stage frac, or not, & if so, how many stages to utilize

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is dependent on the transformation of a substantial array of
information into the knowledge guiding the application of these
various techniques & technologies.